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Hunting the Eastern Cape of South Africa

Hunting the Eastern Cape of South Africa

Varying terrain. Exciting hunting.

Varying terrain. Exciting hunting.

It is our pleasure to share with you the Africa we know and love.

African Cape Trophy Safaris

It is our pleasure to share with you the Africa we know and love.

Your safari hunting Outfitter and Host

at African Cape Trophy Safaris


Gary and Michelle Sparrow, safari hunting guide and outfitter.

Your safari hunting outfitter is Gary Sparrow, who along with his wife Michelle and 2 sons Chad and Matt exemplify the true meaning of Eastern Cape hospitality.

Gary Sparrow and his familyGary's family was part of the original 1862 settlers in the historic Grahamstown area. Growing up on a family farm, Gary discovered a passion for wildlife and the outdoors as he followed along on hunts long before he could even carry a rifle. As he grew, this keen interest in wildlife and vegetation led to detailed studies on the local vegetation, bird and wildlife that has made him an expert in these areas. Gary also studied Personal Management, obtained the rank of Lieutenant in his defense force training and worked for 3 years on a dairy and forestry estate prior to the purchase of his own land.

With the outdoors being a focal point of his own life, he has gained extensive experience in hunting, farming, forestry and scuba diving. His hunting talents were honed to perfection with the input of generations of hunters in the family.

Completing his PH license course with ease, Gary prides himself on giving each hunting client not only a personalized hunt, but also an intimate experience with nature and wildlife of the area. Gary is also a member of PHASA, is an inspected and accredited member of the East Cape Game Management Association and has a diploma in Game Ranch Management.

Gary’s wife Michelle also comes from a family of hunters and wildlife experts in Zimbabwe that includes an award winning Safari Club International PH of the Year. He and his family, currently in New Zealand on a family venture, assure that you are offered a personalized and comfortable Eastern Cape hunting adventure.st

Kevin and Natalie Bowker,your safari hunting hosts .

The Bowker family arived in South Africa with the 1820 English Settlers. Once they got to South Africa they were based near the coast and started farming. The family was a large one consisting of eleven children. However being small stock farmers the wet country side did not suit the sheep and thus a few of the sons decided to move inland in the 1840's and have been there ever since.

Kevin and Natalie BowkerThey first settled on the property where Kevin’s uncle still farms today, which was the site of one of the battles in the seventh Frontier War. The Bowkers’ also settled the farm next to this property where Kevin and Natalie Bowker live today.

Hunting has always been a passion of the Bowker family and Kevin is no exception. Kevin’s grandfather was well known in hunting and conservation circles and was instrumental in saving the Bontebok from extinction in the early 1960’s. As a result of his efforts which were continued by Kevin’s father Rob and Uncle Frank, the area has a wide range of healthy antelope populations. Kevin hunted from a young age and has an extensive knowledge of the hunting area having grown up on the farm. Kevin has inherited his family’s passion for wildlife and obtained a Bachelor of Science with Zoology and Botany at Rhodes University and an Honours degree in Wildlife Management from the University of Pretoria. He is a keen shot and rifleman and captained the Rhodes University shooting team where he met his prospective wife Natalie, also a keen shotist. Kevin obtained his PH licence in 1995 at the age of nineteen years. He has been guiding for almost twenty years and has extensive hunting experience including guiding in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Kevin’s wife, Natalie, is originally from Zimbabwe and grew up on the family farm in Marula. Natalie has spent much of her life in the bush and hunting camps with her father John Rosenfels being one of the prominent and earliest hunting outfitters in Zimbabwe. Her brothers are both professional hunters guiding in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Natalie met Kevin at Rhodes University where she studied for a Bachelor of Primary Education.

They married in 1999 and moved to Zimbabwe where Natalie taught and Kevin ran the administrative and logistical management of the extensive family safari business. Kevin and Natalie returned to South Africa and the family farm in 2004 and have been running the outfitting and farming business since.

Natalie and a team of local woman run a first class camp, offering personal attention, excellent food and a homey atmosphere. The Bowker family is a typical South African farming family and welcomes you to experience their genuine hospitality and lifestyle. They operate their safari operation and camp as a family and make you a member during your stay.

Professional Hunter, John Barnes

Springbok hunter.Black Wildebeest hunter.John Barnes grew up on a farm in former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). His passion for hunting started at an early age and was influenced by his father, an ex RAF fighter pilot turned hunter/farmer. John hunted part-time, while following a career in the Pharmaceutical industry, where he was Marketing Director for a Multi National Pharma company. In 1996, he decided to go into hunting full time and qualified as a Professional Hunter and Qutfitter. John married his wildlife artist wife, Joan in 2000 and in 2001 they accepted a transfer to the UK to take up a business opportunity; however in 2004 the lure of Africa brought them back to the Eastern Cape, ostensibly to retire to the coast. Once a hunter always a hunter and it was not long before John was back in the hunting industry, with Gary Sparrow of African Cape Trophy Safaris.

Favorite Animal to hunt - Kudu

Favorite way to relax - Fly fishing/Wing shooting

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