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Images and Information: Springbok

Common Springbok

Common Springbok

Black Springbok

Black Springbok

Springbok Colors

Springbok colour variants occur naturally. Genetically the animal is similar in all ways to the original Common Springbok species, except for its difference in colour. The colour variant trait is inheritable and the animal maintains this difference for the duration of its lifespan. Breeding the same colour variant onto Springbok of similar colour compounds the probability of the offspring being of the same colour variant. This is often done if species are being live captured for relocation due to over population in certain areas. The black springbok is the more dominant of the colour genes followed by copper/golden and then white.

Note: Both Copper/Golden and White Springbok require a day trip and can usually be hunted on the same day.


The Springbok is considered to be South Africa's national animal and symbol. They commonly jump up and down, like bouncing balls, stretching their front and rear legs simultaneously while bending their heads down. This characteristic high jumping behavior appears to reflect their pure joy of their surroundings.

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